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City Gardens

City Gardens

Here's hoping we're at the tail end of the second lockdown.

Last week i stumbled across this little City Garden whilst milling around the City of London with my family of Flaneurs. (Under the advice of the Government  - taking Excercise (of Mind and Body) once a day)

It was after playing in the children's playground behind the Brutalist skyblocker "Braithwaite House", that we espied this garden. Located just behind "The Roman Catholic Church of St Joseph's".

The Basil Hume Quiet Garden,

Zen Garden meets English Country Garden - A pocket gem.

Although an unusual location, inside a disused carpark, it was not beyond the reach of the green fingered Worshipful Company of Gardeners. It was created in 2002 in memory of Cardinal Basil Hume OSB, OM, Archbishop of Westminster (2 March 1923 – 17 June 1999) by Father Bruno Healy, together with landscape gardener Simon Peter Stobart

Although the entrance to the garden was locked and I didn't have my camera/phone on me at the time,I thought this place would be a good starting point to experience the legacy of Thomas Fairchild. With this in mind I will return to open the gates to this trove.

Therefore this is the prologur to my documenting the various City Gardens found within the environs of the City of London.

I intend to go back today and try and get a better look...

Listen to City Gardens from Blooming Gorgeous

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