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These great little videos each last about 5 minutes and feature a song from one of Debbie Campbell's new Environmental EcoShows. Stunning photos of Earth’s amazing scenes and wildlife and online lyrics mean that classes, friends and family can have fun singing along together while enjoying the fantastic views!
Subjects include Animals, Plants, Rainforests, Oceans, Recycling, Ecosystems, Sustainable Energy and many more!
They are free to share and enjoy, so please click on the images below and all sing along!

Ancient Egypt

Meet the Ptolemys


Latin American style song about tropical plants

One Planet Future

How we can all care for our Earth!

Blooming Gorgeous

Life in an 18th Century City garden

Rainbow Spectacular

Colours mix to put on a great show!

Fiends Reunited

Sleeping Beauty's Wake Up Party!

Minibeast Madness

Look after our Minibeasts!


Make a song and dance about the world!

Endangered Species

What happens when the last one's gone?

Sustainable Energy

Meet the Real Super Powers

The First Kids in Space

A Show about Space Exploration

Colour & Light

Colours mixing to put on a show


Seafood takeaway!


A Busy Day in the Garden!


Cut Down Waste!


Bigger than the Earth and smaller than a raindrop!

Big Momma

A Life in the Day of an Elephant


The Earth needs minibeasts!


Think of Tomorrow's World

Food Chains

The circle of life goes round and round!


A life in the day of elephants!

The Shepherd Who Cried Wolf

Beware of telling tall stories!

The Little Donkey Who Said Yes!

The Nativity described by the stable animals

Three Wise Camels

The Journey to Bethlehem as told by three camels